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The Savior’s Bucket List

The Savior’s Bucket Listby Badanangja (바다낭자); Cho Meng (초멍)

#44 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionDramaFantasyTime travelMagicLong stripWeb comicAdaptationFull colorSafeManhwa

This Life As A Villain

This Life As A Villainby Glevillain; Hwang Chunpal (Jeong Joo Haeng Studio)

#50 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionCrimeDramaTime travelPoliceSupernaturalLong stripWeb comicAdaptationFull colorSafeManhwa

Movies Are Real

Movies Are Realby Jaemihalgi (재미핥기); Toon Plus (주)툰플러스

#36 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionPsychologicalRomanceAdventureDramaFantasyMysteryTime travelSupernaturalLong stripWeb comicFull colorSafe

The world starts from scratch

NThe world starts from scratchby Daxingdao Anime (大行道动漫 or EON COMICS)

#5 chapters published (Ongoing)

Time travelMonstersSurvivalSupernaturalLong stripSafe

Eternally Regressing Knight

NEternally Regressing Knightby Lee Hyeon-Min; SOULPUNG (소울풍); Ganala

#14 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionFantasyTime travelLong stripWeb comicAdaptationFull colorSafeRegression

The villain's follower

The villain's followerby Man Shen Dongman (漫神动漫); Yuewen Manhua (阅文漫画)

#70 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionAdventureDramaFantasyTime travelMartial artsHaremSupernaturalLong stripWeb comicFull colorSafeManhua

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