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The Detective Is Already Dead

NThe Detective Is Already Deadby Nigojuu

#5 chapters published (Ongoing)


Fools Remastered

NFools Remastered

#9 chapters published (Ongoing)

The Path Of Star

NThe Path Of Starby Kim Ah-So / Yeon

#1 chapters published (Ongoing)

Shounen aiSmutYaoi

Him & Him & Him

NHim & Him & Himby Lee Nae-Ri, Byun Lee-Seong

#8 chapters published (Ongoing)


Lemon Lighting

NLemon Lightingby Changpei Literature

#3 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedyDramaSchool lifeShounen aiManhwa

Rain Again

NRain Again

#20 chapters published (Ongoing)

Addictive Fruit Twins

NAddictive Fruit Twins

#69 chapters published (Ongoing)

340 Days

N340 Days

#71 chapters published (Ongoing)


Asirhart Kingdom’S Aide

NAsirhart Kingdom’S Aideby 수성, 이태산

#9 chapters published (Ongoing)


I Fell In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend

NI Fell In Love With My Sister's Boyfriend

#58 chapters published (Ongoing)

Two Ways For Lovers

NTwo Ways For Loversby Yuanqi Gong Yang

#35 chapters published (Ongoing)

DramaRomanceSlice of lifeWebtoonsManhua


NHavenby 작가 Ttadu

#3 chapters published (Ongoing)

AdultDramaRomanceSlice of lifeSmutWebtoonsYaoiManhwa

Interview With A Murderer

NInterview With A Murderer

#53 chapters published (Ongoing)

Hollow Lovers

NHollow Loversby Wang Tao

#91 chapters published (Ongoing)

DramaRomanceShounen ai

5500 Shades Of The Demon King

N5500 Shades Of The Demon Kingby Youndal / Moonto

#7 chapters published (Ongoing)


Gu Bae's Life Reversal

NGu Bae's Life Reversalby 블토

#2 chapters published (Ongoing)


Tales of a Shut-In Demon

NTales of a Shut-In Demonby San Fu Studios, Shan Shui

#207 chapters published (Ongoing)


So Pure So Flirtatious

NSo Pure So Flirtatiousby DAZUI, Yu Ren Er Dai

#307 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedyEcchiHaremRomanceSchool LifeShounen

Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is a Little Sweet

NPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is a Little Sweetby Jiong Jiong You Yao, Popcorn Animation, Yuewen Manhua

#131 chapters published (Ongoing)


Welcome, It's The First Time With This Kind Of Villainess

NWelcome, It's The First Time With This Kind Of Villainessby 돗토리쥬이, 리디

#4 chapters published (Ongoing)


Supreme Red Packet Emperor

NSupreme Red Packet Emperor

#5 chapters published (Ongoing)

The Queen Of Heaven

NThe Queen Of Heavenby 岛上Project

#2 chapters published (Ongoing)


I Don’T Want A Harem!

NI Don’T Want A Harem!by 乖小兽工作室

#0 chapters published (Ongoing)


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