School life Manga

Soushi Souai

NSoushi Souaiby Liberum

#62 chapters published (Ongoing)

RomanceSchool LifeShoujoSlice of Life

14 Sai No Koi

14 Sai No Koiby MIZUTANI Fuka

#48.1 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedyRomanceSchool LifeJosei

National School Prince Is A Girl

National School Prince Is A Girlby Warring Young Seven, 战七少 战七少

#239 chapters published (Ongoing)

RomanceSchool lifeShoujoSupernaturalWebtoons

I Have A Dragon In My Body

I Have A Dragon In My Bodyby 岛上Project

#459 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionMartial artsSchool life

Final Impression

Final Impressionby Fujimoto Haruki

#8 chapters published (Ongoing)

DramaSchool lifeYaoi

Leave Me Alone!

NLeave Me Alone!by Fee1

#30 chapters published (Ongoing)

DramaRomanceSchool lifeSlice of life

Katana Series

NKatana Seriesby Kamata Kimiko

#39 chapters published (Ongoing)

DramaSupernaturalHistoricalComedySchool life

Ichizu de Bitch na Kouhai

Ichizu de Bitch na Kouhaiby Ironon

#118 chapters published (Ongoing)

RomanceSchool LifeOne Shot

Daiya no A - Act II

Daiya no A - Act IIby Terajima Yuuji

#276 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedySchool lifeShounenSports

Please Show Up!

NPlease Show Up!by Kim Kihyun

#31 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedyDramaRomanceSchool life

Freezing Point

Freezing Pointby MEL

#25 chapters published (Ongoing)

DramaRomanceSchool LifeYaoi

Pendant of the Nymph

Pendant of the Nymphby Balen / Bigp

#31 chapters published (Ongoing)

ManhwaShounenFantasyMysterySchool Life


HLookismby Park Tae Joon

#380 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedyDramaRomanceSchool lifeSlice of lifeWebtoonsManhwa

Soulmate (Ke Ran Bing)

Soulmate (Ke Ran Bing)by Ke Ran Bing (可燃冰), Wenzhi Lizi (文枝栗子)

#43 chapters published (Completed)

DramaSupernaturalSchool LifeWebtoonsYuri

Pops (IKUEMI Ryou)

Pops (IKUEMI Ryou)by Ikuemi Ryou

#8 chapters published (Ongoing)

RomanceSchool lifeShoujoSlice of life

Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-bu

Atsumare! Fushigi Kenkyu-buby Anbe Masahiro

#257 chapters published (Ongoing)

ComedySchool lifeShounen

There's Love Hidden in Lies

There's Love Hidden in Liesby KAWAI Apolo

#51 chapters published (Completed)

DramaRomanceSchool LifeShoujo

Hanlim Gym

Hanlim Gymby Hyeseong, LEE Sukjae

#34 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionMartial ArtsMatureSchool LifeShounenSports

The King of Misfortune

The King of Misfortuneby Void Hunter

#138 chapters published (Ongoing)

ActionComedyFantasyHaremSchool life

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